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California K9 Cancer Walks

The K9 Cancer Walks are a grass roots effort to raise funds and awareness for the Morris Animal Foundation fight against canine cancer, which funds research that will develop prevention strategies, test new treatments, establish tools for cancer researchers and train new scientists specializing in cancer research. We are California dog lovers committed to doing our part to fight this horrible disease. Half of all dogs will be affected by cancer—but together, we can beat this disease. 

Since 2009, the K9 Cancer walks in California, Tennessee and Florida have raised MORE THAN 1.2 Million dollars for canine cancer research. Join us as we walk for a better future for all dogs!



2015 Walks: San Deigo 3/1 - Los Gatos 4/19 - Elk Grove 10/11

Dna Strands Dog walking a dog How to Help Drop of Water

Learn about the latest is early detection blood tests now available!!!

Learn more about cancer and how cancer effects our dogs. Clinical trials links, latest advances in treatment and early detection. University of California at Davis is doing revolutionary cancer treatment for pets. They have treatment options no one else in the country can offer.

K9K Walks Dates and Locations

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Can't attend a K9 Cancer Walk? You can participate by registering for a virtual walk at any of the walk locations or make a donation.

Consider doing a Canine Cancer Walk in your town! Help us take the K9 Cancer Walks to every state.


Want do more than just walk? Find out want you can do to help in the fight against canine cancer. There are many opportunities to help. Please consider supporting
Morris Animal Foundation. Morris Animal Foundation has been funding canine cancer research since 1967.

Sign up as a virtual walker or better yet, organize a Canine Cancer Walk in your town.

One person can make a difference. We are dog lovers who believe we can be part of the cure! Find out who we are and what we are doing to help our beloved dogs.