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California Canine Cancer Campaign Volunteers

We are a group of dog lovers located throughout California dedicated to being part of the cure for canine cancer.

After losing three wonderful dogs Brenna, Cody & Roxie to cancer in the span of eleven years and feeling completely helpless against the scourge of cancer, the decision was made to join the fight for a cure. There was no question which group to work with, as Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) had recently launched an unprecedented global effort to cure canine cancer through advanced scientific reseach. MAF is working to raise $30 million for research funds needed to prevent, treat and cure canine cancer within a dog’s lifetime–the next 10 to 20 years. MAF is the world's largest nonprofit foundation 501(c)(3) dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals since 1948.

After several months of donating to MAF's Canine Cancer Campaign, I asked MAF if I could do more to help. MAF asked us to spread the news about the Campaign and let dog lovers know that they were working hard to find a cure. I replied "Sure!" Our volunteer group began doing Canine Cancer Campaign information booths at dog events in the Sacramento region, Marin and the Bay Area.

We became the first MAF Canine Cancer Campaign grass-roots outreach group. All our efforts have led to our group having the honor hosting the very first K9 Cancer Walk in Elk Grove, California on April 18, 2009. Since that time we have been joined by many dedicated dog lovers who share our vision. We have great volunteer groups in Sacramento region, South San Francisco Bay Area and the San Diego area. Other groups have formed in Colorado and Florida making the K9 Cancer walks a nationwide effort. Each year we will be adding more walks across the country.

No more sitting and staying! We're on the run, nipping at cancer's heels. One day we will take cancer down. I hope you'll join us in the war against cancer. There's always room for more soldiers!

Want to start a grass-roots effort in your town to raise funds to support canine cancer research? Contact me at Sandy@CanineK.Org

Sandy Vilahu, Elk Grove & Los Gatos K9 Cancer Walk Chairperson