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2012 K9 Cancer Walk

Registration is now open!

February 18, 2012

Walnut Grove Park
San Marcos, CA

Thank You Everyone for Your Support!

The San Marco/San Diego walk is now an official Morris Animal Foundation Event!

One out of four dogs over the age of two pass away due to cancer. This statistic never crossed my mind until I lost my dog, Teeka, two days after her 11th birthday in February 2010. Since then I have wanted to make a difference so our 'furry kids' can lead longer, healthier lives. I discovered Morris Animal Foundation and their Canine Cancer Campaign. They have made great advancements in the search for a cure but need our help in their continued efforts.

San Diego is such a dog loving town so let's all join together in supporting this cause with our goal of raising $15,000 through this walk. - Magali Wright, Walk Chairperson

2010 Achieved $27,271.14
Goal: $15,000

Hit the Goal

Dogs are part of our families, but our “best friends” can get sick, just like us. Morris Animal Foundation launched the Canine Cancer Campaign to help scientists worldwide prevent, treat and, ultimately, cure cancer in dogs. The Canine Cancer Campaign, which funds research that will develop prevention strategies, test new treatments, establish tools for cancer researchers and train new scientists specializing in cancer research. Participating in this walk is a great way to memorialize a beloved dog lost to cancer and create a brighter tomorrow for your current companion. By supporting the Canine Cancer Cure Walk, volunteers and participants help their best friends live longer, healthier lives.
Half of all dogs will be affected by cancer—but together, we can beat this disease.

Can't attend but want to help? Do a virtual walk! The virtual walk registration is for people who would like to support the effort but cannot attend the walk. Register Here

All donations and fees are tax deductable.

Our Sponsors:


Visit Morris Animal Foundation to see how your donations are being used to save our beloved dogs: Current Research Studies in Process Funded By Dog Lovers.

For more information contact us at magali@Caninek.org