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What is a K9 Cancer Walk Cancer?

The "K9 Cancer Walk" is a fund raising effort benefiting the Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign. The Canine Cancer Campaign is a focused, targeted effort to raise $30 million to funds which will support 10-15 years of canine cancer research studies with the goal of finding a cure for canine cancer. walk with or without dogs to support canine cancer research. All the funds raised at the K9 Cancer Walks go directly to fund the much needed research at veterinary science research facilities across the country to study cancer prevention, develop early detection methods, develop new cancer treatments and ultimately, find a cure for canine cancer. K9 Cancer Walks are hosted by volunteers in dog friendly parks in their communities. Participating in the walk is a great way to memorialize a beloved dog(s) lost to cancer and make a brighter future for your current companion(s).

Human cancer walks are a very successful way of rallying support and effectively raising money to fund research. In difficult financial times it is even more critical that we dog lovers step up and support research for early detection methods, effective treatments and ultimately a cure. Our dogs deserve the best - join the K9 Cancer Walk effort. Make a donation, attend a K9 Cancer Walk, or host a walk in your home town!

Interested In Hosting a Walk to Benefit the Canine Cancer Campaign?

Step one: Determine which parks in your area are "dog friendly". The park should have a nice walking trail, adequate parking and allows dog walk event. Research the dates and locations used by other local dog related charities like SPCA's and rescue groups and see where they hold their events. You should give yourself about 3-4 months lead time to plan and impliment your K9 Cancer Walk.

Step two: Select a date range for your walk. If you live in a hot, humid region of the country, avoid the hot summer months. You need to be respectful of others fundraising efforts and schedule your K9 Cancer Walk several weeks away from other dog-related charity events. Once you have a date range, contact the park(s) you have selected and check the availability for your date range. Be flexible. Park availabity varies and it not unsual in big urban areas to have parks booked 6-8 months in advance of events.

Step three: Once you have selected your park, get the details from the park manager. Get cost estimates for facility rental, liability insurance and costs for additional toilet and trash facilities. Read and review the park rental agreement and ask questions.

Step Four: Once you have a date and location, contact Sandy@CanineK.org and Tish Czachor at Morris Animal Foundation.org.


Visit Morris Animal Foundation to see how your donations are being used to save our beloved dogs: Current Research Studies in Process Funded By Dog Lovers.